Tuesday, January 20, 2004

congratulations RP!!

she had her first 'mabok' experience tonight. congratsss!!!
it was kinda funny, really.. first prisca and lily got a bit 'high'.. and then i started laughing like mad.. (that was my sign..!) and then rp. ekkeke! seronok gelakkan semua orang. even at myself. heehee. drogo aje yang tak mabok mabok dari dulu.. lelaki!
it was a great outing. been a while since the last time, kan?? it's a pity it's already 10 something when we got to pyramid. or we could've gone to that photo sticker thing and get a picture of us all!!! heehee~ getting a bit addicted to that one, lahh!
ehh.. we just went to sinbad for shishah ekk..! bukan masok q-bar! hahhaha!! the entertainer at that place kinda terrible!! tak tahan btol the singing lady. the guy singer sounded awesome, though! :x sounded terrific when he sings creed's songs.. heehee!
lupa lupaa!!
congrats PRISCA & LILY!!
prisca managed to do the smoke in that circular shape!! ONCE!! hahhaa!! even though only once, people still saw it lah!! you can still brag about it! HAHAHHAA!!
and lily.. congrats 'coz you taught rp well in inhaling the smoke!! HAHAHHA!! i taught you well, kan? AHHAHAHA!! prisca taught me well! AHHAHA!!
(macam mereng tak abes laaaieee je nih! ekkekeke!!)
and drogo talks like one big brother somehow.. heehee!
you hobbitses are the best!!! i am so lucky!! weeeeeee~!! :x
ps: thanks for worrying prisc!! big hug to youuu!! >:D< tak sangke lak ade orang nak worry for me.. terharuuu~!! ekekke! :x

tatau nak cite ape!
though the night was wonderful.. some things still bothers my head..
i feel like a cow somehow..!
thanks shahnon for the maya installer!! now, tinggal nak buat aje.. hahahha!! (pemalas nieee)
agak sleepy..
i should be dozing off or i might say something even more stupid..

cow cow cow


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