Sunday, January 04, 2004

dizzy up this girl

I wish for you on a bright lit star,
where it shine so bright, can be seen from far,
I wish now that you're at my side,
but somehow you're missing this night..

needing you.. though i shouldn't be..


humm.. let see..
slept in early last night.. somewhere around 12.. after some things happened. no biggie.. everything's fine! :D
the morning started early.. went to Pak Tai with Prisc and Dro to see how the pictures went. I think mine was neat!! HAHAHHA!! though.. there's always a possibility of getting a rejection!! :| spent quite a while at the old shop, trying to decide which photo to enlarge.. then after picking one, we left and headed towards OU!
well, we were thinking what to have for lunch.. but nothing in KL seemed to attract, so since the earlier plan was too meet up Lily in KL (but she couldn't get there!) we decided to go to her instead! had pizza, and at 4 Lily came into the shop and tanpa diundang, amek satu slice and makan! :p
Then we all pusing pusing the new wing of OU.. which was HUUUGE!! but it was a nice watch.. note: it's getting irritating to see LOADS of kids are wearing those wheely shoes. pening betul!! toleh mane mane aje ade budak tengah skating around.. bluerghh! not jealous, mind you.. but entah nape.. bosan kot! ramai sangat yang pakai.. kids these days.. it won't surprise me if the future people will get reaaaally lazy!! jalan sikit pon malas.. hummph! and kids these days don't even go out that much anymore! stuck on computers day and night.. hummph!
anyways! sempat stop by at Starbucks!! yeyyeyyy!! thanks prisc for the rhumba.. :x
though you don't have to.. >:D< so it happens now that we have a tiny black dot in a past that we can't undo.. but everything's fine.. kan?? :) :x jangan sedih or risau risau okay! love you still..
hung out there for quite a while before heading back home.. err.. cyberjaya, I mean. :|
had dinner at malee and now will be leaving for Prisca's place! having a sleepover tonight! :D

something under the waters for someone under the clouds..

i did what i can.. i told you how i felt..
it's your choice what to believe
is it me.. or is it him..
hope you'd believe me..
your trust means the world to me..
but i won't force you to believe me..
i'll leave if you want me to..
just wish i have somewhere really far to go..

you kept giving me hard-to-answer questions.. i wonder what you expected for an answer.. somehow i felt like i've made a mistake.. have i made a mistake? hummph.. really need an answer.. but it seems like i'll be talking to a void yet again.. and i'm left to wonder again...
just wish i knew what you really think of me..

"saya suka dia.." (still disliking this)
[ this was typed out at 10:16 pm of January 4th ]


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