Thursday, January 15, 2004

gelak tawa riang

hahhaha!! what a day..

Lily.. you're AMAZING!!
what a day..!!

woke up with my head spinning.. a bit troubled 'coz i was thinking too much about media process and media production. sangat risaauuu!! but it turned out okay after all!! weeeeeee~!
chematto nagged on me for sending my pictures outside for developing. he doesn't seem to be angry at me.. but he nagged and nagged.. ekekke! agak kelakar when i think about it. macam bapak yang bebel kat anak sebab degil.. heehee! tetiba nampak chematto sangat sweeeeet~ HAHHAHAHHA!! :p slut! ekkekeke!!! Then after i gave my name to encik zul, puan seri calls me up 'coz she wanted to see my photo. (last week's photo, actually! coz i don't like the one i developed yesterday) and she said "gamba cantekk~," HAHHAHA!! weeeeeeee~! and continued, "..tapi kuning" heehee! so i have to re-print! tomorrow morning! after the replacement mca class.. :(
anyways!! then, for media production, we couldn't play the cd we have!!! risau betul!!! but the lecturers skipped us and later we presented last! agak best.. to be the last group.. it's like.. all attention is on us! no distraction at all.. except "our" support team that consist of alitt, fairy, ina, amri, bika and rina. hahhahaha!! best betul! :D :D everyone has left the room except all those people i mentioned, fungusAMONGUS (our group's name) and the lecturers! lily was sooooooo cool!! she's SOOO neat!! she talked about the storyboard and she was great!! hahhaa!! while i just merepek about the video clip's concept. ekkeke!
and at the end.. what did that lecturer with the nice voice said to us??
"okay girls.. excellent idea!"
HAHHAHAHA!! they actually asked us loaaads of questions.. about location and lighting and stuff.. but they seemed interested with it and not 'questioning' if we can do those.. heehee~ sangat cool!! even ghaz and norman doesn't seem so annoying anymore! HAHHAHAHA!! weeeeeeee~!
then both ghaz and norman said the same thing to us..
"make it happen!"


tired tired.. but happy! i might get cranky in a bit, though.. heeee~


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