Friday, January 02, 2004

I wish I knew more of things...

and I keep wishing for something that I can't have...
how pathetic can I get??

Been spending the whole day with hobbitses!! :x You guys are SO like family!! Drogo is like a brother who got together with Prisc; which is my best friend.. and Lily is my other best friend! ekekke!! Thanks for being around guys.. :x
Been spending yesterday sleeping.. then had brunchner (breakfast-lunch-dinner) at McD's with the three.. then went to Prisc's house to see some video clips and then had an MPM meeting at 9 pm. The meeting lasted for about 2 hours.. and then me, Prisc and Lil went to Sinbad to seesha. (Drogo is so cooooool!!!) Crazily cool.. Memang gilaa.. sangat gilaaa!! It's a wonder how he lets Prisc uses the car even without a P!! Got there around 12..
Stayed there for more than 2 hours! Waited for Drogo to join us since he was with his friends playing snooker at someplace.. heehee! (gila kan? suka ati tinggalkan kereta..!) We were the last customers left from our seats.. sempat weng weng.. ekkeke!! Except Drogo.. ('coz he's a guy!) and Lily (coz she puffs!) Oklaa.. that's me and Prisc laughing like crazy at one point.. hohoho!! Weng betul.. two nights ago we were at that shop in front of Breakers.. seesha! And last night we seeshad again!! Weng kann??
Better jauhi.. adohh laa~ ekekkeke!!
(macam ade sedikit weng left in my head..?)
Got back to MMU at around 3.. and then started doing the treatment for MPM!
Thank you DaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaRRRrrrRrrRrrRrRR!!!
Temankan whole night as I did the treatment! Kalo tak sedih ajee.. buat keje sorang sorang... :( Tapi taaak!!! :x heehee~! Tapi jahat at one point for mentioning about antuu.. hummph~! :p Tapi takpe.. seb baik temankan orang buat keje.. heehee! :D :D :D
So I've been awake for the last 18 hours! And in some bits I'll be having my shower.. and will be going out to shoot some photographss in KL!! HAHHAHA!! And I'm dizzy.. really.. But never mind.. I need to shoot some photos or I'll stuck with really nothing at all! :|
Jyaa~ byebye~!!
hope I'll have something nice at the end of the day!

dizzy dizzy weng weng~ @_@


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