Friday, January 16, 2004

laughing gas

i was laughing like crazy just now at drogo's place.. err.. maybe i shouldn't be though.. me and prisca were there again to try and record our song.. (it gets better!!) kinda proud of ourselves, but maybe we got a bit tired.. me and prisc kept singing in a funny tune.. and can't stop laughing about it. tatau drogo memang marah ke tak.. isyk! we can't stop laughing after the last record 'coz we actually made some small mistakes 'coz we were actually keeping our laughs as we sing.. drogo, don't get angry!! especially not to prisca alone!! nak marah, marah me as well, okehh? ;)
memang ape kena ntah.. just can't stop laughing..
sangat gila!!

anyways! i need to shut my head..
it's not exactly my best friend, y'know!

suddenly crappy again~


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