Sunday, January 04, 2004

Sunday is a lazy day !!!

it's also a crazy dayy !!
ekekke..! Been spending the whole day sleeping.. It's crazy!! Last night me and Lily slept over at Prisca's.. Did nothing much though.. Saw How To Make An English Quilt on TV3 together.. it was quite a beautiful story!! But I think Tuesdays With Morrie, the midnight movie I saw with Dida some weeks ago was even enjoyable. :D Wonder when there'll be another re-run.. heehee! (tv3 kan suka ulang ulang cerita..! As a matter of fact, every station likes to do re-run!!)
After that we thought of going to sleep but we end up watching Drogo's DVD of Underworld! It was.. umm.. entahla! It wasn't as much fun as I thought it was.. It was interesting.. but nothing more. You can't go watch it with a hope to 'enjoy' 'coz the storyline is kinda mixed-up so you have think and remember a bit.. :D At least, that's what I thought of it.. Prisc went asleep halfway though.. 'coz it wasn't her thing.. movies like that.. But when me and Lily kept repeating the word sexy as we watch the movie (Beckinsale was wearing a very tight bodysuit) she suddenly stirred, "mane sexy?" ekekkeke!! Gatal betul budak niee! :p
Can't remember when we turned off the lights but we got to sleep at 6.. after lots of talking and yapping. (mostly me and Prisc.. Lily was like mabuk mabuk laut at that time)
heehee.. we got up at 2 pm!! HAHHAHAH!! Well, I woke up a while at 12 to recharge my dead phone but got back to sleep since the other two was so in their sleep!! Then we brushed our teeth, had lunch, (thanks Drogo!!) and recorded some things. Somewhere around 5 we all went back to sleep!!! HAHAHHAHA!!
Woke up again at 7.. huhuu~
Papa called today.. rindunye rumaaaaaaahhh!!! :(
ohh! Sorry encik An, tidak dapat nak tolong habiskan your BBQ semalam.. heehee! :p Thank you for inviting!! :D Terharuuuu~ ekkekee!!

Super Sarcasmo! You're the one with all the witty
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So I'm back in my room in MMU.. still haven't done my laundry..
Things have been a bit depressing these days.. I can't stop myself from getting lost, wandering in my own thoughts.. ehh!! Itu macam hari hariiiii aje! HAHAHHA!!
O well.. at least I know I have some people that loves me!! And I have great GREAT hobbitses to accompany me.. I shouldn't let uncertain things bother my thoughts.. kan? Kan?? Kannn???
:( O God please tell me I'm right.. :(



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