Friday, February 13, 2004


(act surprised, here!)

quoted from shahnon;
Happy Friday 13th~!!
thank you for reminding me the date, mama nonzz! hahhaha!! sorry.. kidding ek shahnon.. takkan laa tetiba jadi bapok.. kasihaaaan dia. heehee~ gudluck ya buat kejeee!!

been hearing how busy those gamma peeps are.. but i'm more looking forward to it as each day pass.. :D

still bored here but had fun posting up things on shahnon's haloscan! ekkeke!! :p
listening to norah jones - sunrise coz prisca made me. hahahha!! (it's still not my cup of tea, dear..) :p
going into bed now.. i am having bad ideas.. and i'm not liking it! better shut it soon before it gets on my nerves.. huhuu~

o heyy..
Happy Friday 13th~!!
again... heehee~! :D
[2:45 am]


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