Monday, February 23, 2004

elyse sewell

funny name.. ekekkeke

really love this pic of hers.. it's a shame that it's not her that wins the first season of America's Next Top Model. but still.. i love her! 'coz she's pretty real.. and honest. but her mouth is a bit foul sometimes.. i like her anyways!

okay, tadi went brunch with lily, prisca and drogo at pyramid. drogo kepingin pizza and i was kepingin to ikut. heehee~ ate such LOAAAADS that each needed to pay up as much as rm21.50!!! gila. and i owe someone (either drogo or prisca) rm10 'coz i am short of money. harus cucuk sometime soon.
still full from eating.. tadi pon ade tapau but it's with prisca maybe..
poor lily had a "women's-pain" while walking back to the car.. she slept through the journey back. get well soon lily!
kinda sleepy right now. having a minor headache somehow. should rest now but yago's been calling on me..

nanti lah yago!!


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