Wednesday, February 04, 2004

i need to have mittens

i really do..
mittens.. gloves.. that pot holder would be fine, too! but mittens are cuter lahh! :D
anyways!! i'm a total hazard/hazzard (spelling?) to myself!! gatal - garu garu.. sampai melecet, pastu sendiri sakit! hahhaha!! lama lama kulit berlobang sebab asyik melecet. ekkeke. :p
i need to have mittens!!
semalam banyak nyamuuuuk!! kumbang pon ade.. :| bluerthhh!

finally saw the video clip shahnon gave me!! Blink 182 - I Miss You. Sangat menarik the video!! sangat artsy.. heehee~ kelakar seeing those three that way, pun. and i like the lyrics of the song.. tapi shahnon tak kasi mp3 diaaaa!! :( ape shahnon nieee!! X( ekkeke!!

Hello there, the angel from my nightmare
the shadow in the background of the morgue
the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley
we can live like Jack and Sally if we want
where you can always find me
we'll have Halloween on Christmas
and in the night we'll wish this never ends
we'll wish this never ends

(I miss you, miss you)
(I miss you, miss you)

Where are you and I'm so sorry
I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight
I need somebody and always
this sick strange darkness
comes creeping on so haunting every time
and as I stared I counted
webs from all the spiders
catching things and eating their insides
like indecision to call you
and hear your voice of treason
will you come home and stop this pain tonight
stop this pain tonight

Don't waste your time on me
you're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you)
don't waste your time on me
you're already the voice inside my head (I miss you, miss you)

(I miss you, miss you)

(yukira's blog pon ade lirik lagu ni jugek!)
tengkiu shahnon!!

anyways!! maya is going on okay.. ;) mine is ugly.. but it's okaay.. :)

now i'm thinking about me and my sisters.. sedang fikirkan our "gifts". i think i'm losing mine.. getting out of touch.. not really out of touch, but seems like i'm seeing less what i wanted to see. nampak orang lain :| *tuk* toloooong!! tak mahuuuu!!! boncit! :( takpe.. i don't want to believe what i see.. heehee~ tak aci btol.. but heck!! i know what i like.. and i don't like what i just saw.. :)

nak buat camera trail..
mandi pon blom nieee...
nak ponder on some things juge..


dah anta maya!!
hahahhaha!! bodo gile.. main anta je.. but heck!!
i'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
up for the "ritual", hobbitses??
:)) :x

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