Tuesday, February 24, 2004

meet yago~!

yago: yeahhhh~! nice to meet cha'!

hahhahaha!! so happy tonight. even tomorrow's quiz can't get me upset. worried a bit.. but not enough! heehee! finished mca assignment with the helps of prisca and lily!
and then i was laughing about as i see their work! this one is fun.. :D :D

priscaa!! i don't want to change either!! and so should youuu!! heehee~!
was suppressing a big laugh just now as i read prisca's new entry. (see blog!) berderau ya darah kamu! ekkeke!!
told you two that my anggaran was waaay off! but siapa yang berani kasi juga itu kunci? hahahhahaha!! had fun, though! terima kacehh kerana memberikan saya peluang sebegitu!!
and don't give it to me again!!
guess you two were lucky tonight! ekekkekeke!
domo arigatou!!!!!!!!
ureshii desu~! :D :D

hugs for you hobbitses!!!!

should get some sleep now!!!
supposedly there's class on 9 followed by quiz on 11!
bila ptptn nak masokkkkk???????????????
mau duit mau duitttt

:x :x :x


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