Tuesday, February 10, 2004

my saviour~*

is my mother!
hahaha!! she gave me money and i call her a 'saviour'.. tak patut betul.. my mother is my mother.. i have no saviour for i don't need saving. (really?) (i think!) bluerthhh~!! (merepek sudaaah!)
for some days i wish my 'inner-voice' is dead mute! hahahha!! confuses me so when i hear me judging myself. bluerrthh! i'm not really a good friend to myself lahh! :|

been spending the afternoon with the hobbitses. went out around 11 to get our photos printed. ikutlah kata kata si rosie who mentioned about a shop in sungai wang. circled the building but couldn't find the shop!! terok betul! :p end up with lily and prisca buying large posters, eyeing on neat pants and making a pack with rosie to go there again and shop for silly things next time. hahhaha!! merepek!
ohh, we got our photos printed in kelana jaya! hahaha!! and the guy in the shop has a fling on lily. hohh hoo!! (ade ajee!) baru ingat nak suka that guy for 'laughing' on my picture ('coz he gets it) but then he bugged lily pula. (he got her number from a book that we all put our names on)
o well, practically... design process.. done! (unless i'll get rejected later!)

ohh! i just changed my shampoo.. :D (ini pon nak cite) using clairol now. has a nice scent.. smelled like apple.. but leaves a not-so-nice texture to my hair. maybe 'coz i wore my tudung when it was still wet kot! hahahha!! (yeah, my hair like is SO the horrible - pemalaaas!) too lazy to care.. terok kan? *sigh*
[5:18 pm]

hahhah!! merosakkan kuku.. *sigh*

ekk! orang kate kalau mengeluh, cam kurang nyawa kan? i think i heard somebody said that before.. huhuu..!

i don't have the heart..
not that i totally lost it. but somehow i don't feel as strong as i used to.. hummph..
i started some project in january and i might stop it midway.. somehow i lose the courage to continue.. kinda sad really.. but i'll try to finish what i started.. :)
i hope the story won't end here.. i still wish there will be more. :)
try harder ya prisca? :D

yoshh~!! ganbatte wanie!!
you'll never know what the future might bring.. things can get better...!
[8:05 pm]

went dinner with hobbitses except rosie (but including drogo!) heehee~ there was loaaads of food on the table and we all finished our rice! :)) there was tom yam campur, kangkung sambal belacan, udang masak pedas, tauhu sos tiram, daging masak merah, keropok lagi.. hahhaha!! i love a day with good food!! :)) didn't miss any meal today.. :x best sehhh!! :)) (gaya rempit here)
my weight right now is 47.5 kilos. (underweight!) hehhe.. used that weighing machine with that fortune cards siang tadi in sungai wang with prisca and rosie. mine said, "you are prolific in original ideas and impatient of old methods," heehee.. am i? i don't know.. :p

okay! this should be my last post for the day..
should start on my maya assignment (due tomorrow!). but first, finish up my presentation for design process and clear up my bed (so i can sleep without doing any work! hahhhaa!!) it's soooooo messy!! correction.. not only my bed is messy.. every corner of mine, is!! meja ni bersepahhh!! rase nak buang aje semua barang keluar tingkap! :))

[12:30 am] oops lupa repot!! as we arrived back in cyber tadi petang, saw ablen at the traffic light! hahha~! asyik nampak aje orang yang dikenali di situ. huhuu.. :p end of report! :D

getting back my mood.. :D
having back my heart! :x


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