Sunday, February 22, 2004

not a perfect weekend..

tiring.. mentally..

went out with dayat (won't bother using her hobbit's name..) on friday.. had to meet her in central market all by myself. but not before paying a little visit to mama's and belladonna's office in pwtc. okay.. practically "melembu" around kl 'coz i keep losing direction! left-right-left-right? cross-don't cross?? what? what?? hahhahaha!! moooooo~ stupid, really! i keep like going around asking people how i can get to places.. so, thank God i still have my voice even with my flu!! huhuuu~
me and dayat just went around cm and kotaraya saja.. :) she had things to do so we had to cut our meeting short..
then i had a fight with a certain relative and now i'm not in a speaking term with that person. urghhh!!! makes me SO mad, thinking about it!!!!!!!

saturday.. stayed at home, tending my dumb flu. bluerghhh~!!

sunday.. still not talking to that relative of mine. no point, really!
flu's getting better.. went pusing pusing around tasik shah alam looking for a tunnel rosie-p said existed. (but i couldn't find!) then i practically "dumped" the digicam i was holding onto the road.. and now there got some MAJOR scratch.. no..
okay, i can't find any other word to exagerrate (spelling?) the scratch.
but it's horrible!!! i am SO going to get the old lecture when i'm busted by mama when i'm talking to her again.
yeah, i'm not talking to my mom right now.. she talks to me, sure! i just keep my vocabulary very restricted with her.. it usually concludes to sounds like "hummph~" and "haa".

couldn't send hanis to the airport tadi.. could be one of my regrets. hummphh~ wish she'll be fine in NI-PON! woo~hoo!! i am so proud of her! gonna miss her so baaaaaaaaadddd!!!!!!!!!
glad that at least i went to her house and said my goodbye.. :) hanis hanis hanisssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! she's as good as one of my blood-sisters. kurang kawan satu.. not kurang.. but.. sangat berjauhan.. :( i knew it all along.. growing up was no fun!! should've stayed in high school... hhehehe! :p

so i'm not in a very good mood..
so to those weird people out there.. talk all crap you want, but i don't give a shit.. pardon me for not listening or not replying according to what you expected.. not here to entertain your little heart when i'm feeling crap.
maybe tomorrow :p


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