Wednesday, February 04, 2004

A penny..

for your every thoughts..
won't you share them with me?
.. humm, left to ponder them by myself again.

anyways.. i am honestly bored.
REALLY bored!!!

liking this song for the moment even though i think it has a funny tune..
Crush by Gavin Degraw

Well my past came in
You dropped the ball
It didn't change the way I feel
And I was wishin I'd break down your walls
A kiss will know if flips things still

There is a line I cross
There when you missed, a loss
I'm not a loser
Girl, you know that I'll be back again

My deal, I went for the steal
Maybe it was rushed
Oh, my crush
I gotta crush

I suppose that I could hold it in
But you excite my every cell
Sources say that senses are your friend
My senses say that I should tell

You that i'm not ashamed
you might just feel the same
but you have to try it
if you're ever really gonna know

my deal, i'll wait for the steal
maybe it was rushed
oh, my crush
I gotta crush

I want to
I need to
I have to
I need you so much
It's your touch
Girl you're too much and I can't control it
You got me all over the road

My deal
I'll wait for the steal
Maybe it was rough
Oh, my crush
Damage in my soul
You blew me up but I don't mind
I just can't get in time

So do you
Oh, my crush

[ 5:40 pm ]

humm.. pondering some things..

tadi sempat jumpe mama, papa, belba, belladonna and izzati!! (ought to find her hobbit's name later!) :D macam manje betul rase.. they were going to seremban.. and i asked them to stop by.. hehhe!! :D was pondering about where my loyalty and priorities lie.. and number one is certain, to the family. hehhe!! others in the list, i can't say.. it keeps changing. :D
decided not to tag along since i have plans with hobbitses dearest later tonight! :D

ohh! thanks shahnon!! kasi gak dia mp3. ekkekek!! :p

thinking about soooo many songs right now.. felt like posting them, but then again, i've already posted the lyrics of a song up there! huhuu~

[ 8:09 pm ]

ehh! harini maghrib cam budak yang bang! :D suare budak laa...

i'm resuming my hobby again.. merepek + wishing

[ 8:41 pm ]

sleepy sleepy!!
but getting ready to go out now, i suppose..
have a good evening, all!!
and.. those (us) in selangor,
Selamat menyambut Thaipusam!!



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