Thursday, February 05, 2004

ritual rabu

it's always on wednesdays..
always park on the same spot..
did practically the same things.. :D
gelak gelak..!!

remembering something..
so i wait 'til lily gave me the pix we took just now.

okehh!! spent like.. 4 hours with the hobbitses! :x dining.. talking.. just hanging..! it was kinda neat, though it kinda felt.. quiet somehow. (i was, at least) entah mengapa tiada cerita untuk diceritakan.. but,
i want a mood ring!!!!!!!
drogo showed his and i was totally amused!! teringat the mood ring i had at school.. but got lost, somehow! geram btol!! nak mood ring!!!! naaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkk!!!
just then when i was wearing the ring, it turned to purple/dark blue as others had green.. wonder what that means!
never had a mood ring on?? play with this!

anyways!! arrived back in cyberjaya at 1:30 am. after dropping off prisca and drogo in cyberia, and rosie at hb4, me and lily went around putrajaya for about an hour.. time really flies with that car, huh lil? so addictive!!
thanks for getting me around.. :x Tengkiuuuuuuu lily!!! i really like getting into cars! ehh, i don't like to stick to just one place.. :D tengkiuuuuuu!! :x tengkiu kat parents lily jugek! :))

ohh!! lily have sent the pix!! weeeeeeeeeeee~!!

reading rosie's spread
reading the tarot!! (haven't master the cards yet.. huhuu! had the guide's help!)

lily as the driver!
see seeee!! the girl is driving the car!! and drogo was "happy" to be the passenger. :))

pandai btol makcik tu berlakon ekk?? hahahha!!

ain't she adorable?? :p rosie had an image make-over?? ekkeke!! she was wearing my tudung.. :p

had funnn!!!
thanks hobbitses! :)

going out tomorrow with lily to mvu; midvalley university for some errands.
sedang sakit tekak. :(
o heyy!! pembetulan.. me and lily went to cyber LODGE two days ago.. not cyber lounge.. ehee! :">



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