Sunday, February 29, 2004


finally having the time to sit down and relax. but i decide to blog instead! :D
had a reaaaaaaaaally long day!! started from yesterday morning as i woke up early to register my majoring. :) MI 'coz they're mostly whacked. heehee. (seb baik bangun awal!!!! my sleep was restless pon..) then me and lily went out to get some approval for our location :D and getting some props. the morning lasted 'til about 5 pm!! :-S had a bit of shut-eye before going to d'melor for our next scene of the video clip.

some problems arised that night (last night lahh!) that forces fungusamongus to extend our schedule by one day. (next tuesday-wednesday!) but i do thank wanieblond and all her housemates for letting us use their home for our shooting. we were there from 8 pm til about 6 am!! so really.. thank you!

...i wish i can actually play a guitar.. for real.. hummphh!! wishful thinking lahh!

anyways, then we all went back for a short rest and shower before going out again for the third day of shooting. (from 7:30 am to 11:30 am) :D today was FUNNNN!!! had a great time.. you were really great lily!! getting the approval for that place! and i'm such a good sidekick as well, sebab temankan! ahhahahha!! fingers crossed so that all the trouble was not a waste (at all!) and the end product will turn fabulous!! :D :D
ohh!! i thank mostly for encik ahmad hashim and encik sulaiman for today!! heehee~! :x

today's shoot actually ends around 7 pm. after that 11:30 am, we all had our rests and get back out at 4 pm. :)
so here's some sneak preview from the second day's shoot! :D you'll have to wait for tomorrow for the third installment.. heehee! tomorrow is a resting-day, so i'll post today's pictures tomorrow. :)
fro girl!
our lighting person.. entertaining and serba boleh!! banyak btol dia take part, ya?

everyone's tired
on the set.. everyone's looking tired from all the work.

powerpuff girls on the set!!! heehee~ well, if you already knew who those two powerpuff are, fine. but if you don't.. it'll remain as a surprise 'til the final product!! :D

eh alamaakk.. dah kul 9 lebeyyy..! gotta get my shower first! :D my hair is all stiff.
super tired!!!!! but relieved for that most of our scenes are done! :)

i think i stink!


okay.. i feel lame..
i am halfway to breaking down 'coz i'm tired and i want to go home!
somebody tolong cucikan baju wanieeeeeeee!! tak laraaaaaaaattt!!! :((


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