Tuesday, March 16, 2004

i wish i was asleep.

why can't i sleep?

was pondering about some things as i lie in my bed. questioning about things in life. and i know i have no answer to any of it, and yet i keep on wondering.

will i forever be in my thoughts? keep on asking if there's anything else i can do. i wish i knew more of everything. and i've been wishing for that since forever.

in the darkness of this room i still wonder, if i can always keep my head straight. i know i will bump my head into something pretty soon, but will i be able to get up again if i fall?

haaah~ thoughts.. why can't you keep me alone, o head. should you speak to me in this silence? the very thing i can hear ever so clearly.

b-( gedebikk!

i think i speak to myself very fluently.. and that's why it's easy for me to "amuse" myself. i practically have another person inside of me that can't quit yapping!!

2:43 pm
imperfect.. i simply am!
bluerghhh!! i am angry with myself for that.. and for not letting go a past to just pass... b-(

ohh, for you guys who are going to see incubus, HAVE FUN!!
i have loaaaaaads of stuff i should do, i'd be super-crazy/irresponsible if i tag along. enough damages done 'til this day!!

ohh, i am uplifted with mama's call.. i wanna go home!!! hahahhahaha!!
thanks mama! :x



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