Friday, March 05, 2004

" i'm not afraid of you being my boyfriend.. i'm afraid that you'll be my ex-boyfriend "

still loving that line from an episode of Ed i saw somewhere last year. :D

gets me dizzy when i think about the things i really wanted to say..
things i wanna ask...
a scare.
getting that scare.
i'm afraid that i am capable of saying the wrong things..
afraid for the fact that i am already messed around to have anything else to commit to..
my priorities are already jumbled up by my own doings. shouldn't let anyone jumble it up more than it already is, should i? could be that person can help me straighten it out.. help me see things clearer.. but i don't know..
dah tak tahu pasal ape ape pon..
maybe i don't want to know any longer.
if things should happen, then it'll happen. 'aight?

if only i knew how to put what i truly feel through all these words..
i am becoming numb..
just saying these for the sake of it.
still want you to be around.. but maybe not as bad as it used to.
i don't know.. i really really don't know...


anywayssss!! updated some things on photos!
and here are some silly things i get from those email forwards! (i actually spent some while just copying it out and turning it to a page! bluethh!)
characters of a zodiac sign
in love with which zodiac?

did this quiz!

The ULTIMATE personality test
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i have a problem of ending what i've started.

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