Tuesday, March 30, 2004

indirect kisses!!


had fun with the hobbitses last night. no wonder money flows like water these days.. we kept going back and forth to hartamas! but this time, jai, ery and bali tagged along!
and so, unlike the last time.. no male strangers came to our table for an ice-breaking session to get any of our numbers. :))
me and the gurls had a real good time there.. doing silly silly things.. that are quite hard to explain. :D but all i can say is that some indirect kisses were made.. ekkekeke! :* :))
mr white-car akmal didn't show up despite he told me that he would drop by and say hi. then again.. i couldn't hear the ring of my phone! hahahhaha!! :)) o well.. tak dapat lily refresh her memory! heehee~
and LP-guy wasn't there as well.. hummph! :( takbest! kurang reason to look around.

about 3, me, lily and prisc decided to get a waffle in A&W and so we did! and somehow.. we bumped into these 2 guys that were earlier in uncle don's. hah! what fate..
and we ended up talking to those guys..
i think it's interesting how my social life has take a different turn from it's usual path. hummm..
thanks to lily, i suppose! ekkekek! :p

earlier tonight i had spent my time watching charmed, thanks to rosie that gave me this url where i can download them! hehheheh. i don't know why i like it so much.. maybe 'coz their new white lighter is just darn cute! :x

i need to go to sleep now.. should get up early this morning to settle the majoring thingy. i am somewhat pissed and upset about it.. but i am in a lighter mood after the laughs i had.. :x



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