Saturday, March 27, 2004

midnight outing.

went out with the hobbitses at midnight.
things to talk about.. not sure if it'll ever work out..

good luck, dear!!
you're a smart girl.. i'm sure you'll find the best answer to cure all that feeling you're having.
we'll be at your back in whatever your decision is, 'aight!

it's confusing when you're friends with both sides of the party..
and you like both of them too..!
and the two was a good pair!
i really hope you guys can work it out!!

got to hartamas somehow. lily, prisca and myself first planned on KLIA, but since rosie said she was in bangsar.. we then decided, "okehh! shishah!" :) met rosie there who was originally with jai. (kesian dia taau!)
a neat outing. talked about loads of stuff! :)
i was more to listening, i think.
these days i've been kept in my own thoughts, somehow..

haiihhh~ if ever i get a ringgit for my every thoughts..
surely i'd be rich by now! hahhahahaha!!

wishing that i get to see my school friends. i feel the need to let things off my head.
no offense to the hobbitses!! (you guys are the bestt!!!)
but i have this feeling like i am boring you guys out with my same kind of story. (you see, my life doesn't evolve so much and i tend to get to the details of measly measly things..)
maybe i could see them.. :)

ohh, do i sound like i'm complaining in this one?


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