Sunday, March 28, 2004

my favorite-fun-funny friends.. and me, of course!


nothing beats a night out with the hobbitses.
the best!!
we went to hartamas again!! hahhahaaha!!
it was crazy, we went out at 1am+ and got there at 2! lucky for us to get a parking spot very near to uncle don's. :D and lucky for me and lily to actually see our "minor crush" the first thing as we get there. ekekkee!!

what's funny about tonight was how i got a taste of lily's usual "circle". crazy! people are too-sociable, i must say. but it was all good! amusing and amazing!!
lily, you're so coooool!!!
me, prisca and rosie were just playing along at the background the whole time. :D :D
and i kept having eye contacts with the LP-shirt guy. hahhahahhaha!! sorry lily.. that experienced-one was kinda neat, too! :))

it was a crazy night.. (don't know why i keep saying that!) but we were really silly just now.
measuring.. :)) eyeing.. talking.. talking.. dining.. and talking even more!

not going to get into details so much or some people will get into trouble! ekekeke!
but i had
and that's how i want my life to be.

yeah, i do know what's my responsibilities and what's my supposedly-priorities, oh yes i do (though some may not agree with that!) but don't you people see that i chose not to follow them????
what do you think i am? a dumba** that can't even figure out what or how i SHOULD be??
SHOULD and WOULD are two different things. get that in your head, please.

to those "lovely" t.c and latinpoet.. could you make a point to the reason WHY you'd rather waste your time dissing me out when honestly, i don't see where all this is heading. (except for making my shoutbox waaaaay too long that i even have to go to the archives just to check what i missed) ohh! i just did a complaint there. hahh!
and if you're trying to get me down by dissing out or calling me names, go ahead!! TRY! i am actually having fun from all this.. kinda reminds me of HIGH SCHOOL really..
as for the name-calling, i can too! but it would be too immature, don't you guys think? *wink*

ahh~ high school.. had the greatest time when i was there!! :)) hahhahaha

hugs to the ones i care! >:D< :x
sweet dreams!


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