Thursday, March 11, 2004

Seoul Bulgogi

spent rm46 on dinner!!!! :o but i had a good time, (and it shows!) it makes me happy that i made somebody happy though she was the one who's supposed to be the happiest. but i made her happy!!! so that makes me happy.. and now everyone's happy!! weeeeeeee~!! ekekkeke!!
are you dizzy yet? :D :D
i'm in a good mood, and it shows, 'aight? :D
happy belated, bahijaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!
hope you had funn!! it's a wonder that she actually said it made her happy that she saw me happy.. hahhaha!! macam hari wanie lak :p

three cheers for the fate that my friends' birthday doesn't fall straight in a row!!!
hip hip hooray~! hip hip hooray~! hip hip hooraay~!!

had fun. had fun. had fun.

though we didn't get to do our ritual rabu, i still had funn!! you hobbitses (and jai!) are so much funnnn!!!
pictures to be uploaded tomorrow, hopefully! :D
tunggu bahijah ni haa.. dia kat umah, takleh nak kasi gamba. :p

tomorrow's the presentation for media process..
why am i feeling this nervous??? :-S maybe 'coz i am not taking part in the post-production.. so i don't know how it's going... ayako san!! can i see the video yet???? :-S


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