Tuesday, March 09, 2004



having such bad moods these days.

i think i need more money.
but i feel so guilty for asking more from my parents.
maybe i should consider 'stop eating'.

haven't celebrated lily's birthday. okay.
don't know what's more to say.
hopefully sometime soon.. or.. i don't know.

i shouldn't talk much with this kind of mood that i am having.
in fact, i shouldn't talk at all!

so i'll just leave it at this.
very dizzy, i am.
[ 9:53 pm]

so cold lahhhh!!!! :-S

had quite a scary afternoon..
saw the first group of media production's presentation.
somehow i got nervous watching them all.. :-S
agak suka garu garu kosong's video. (o brother!!) jangan perasan pliss.. kepada sesiapa yang berkenaan :p but i know norman commented that it wasn't good enough.
nervous semula..

and then i was reminded of my cow-ness. God help!! :-S fingers crossed that ayako-san won't be using a certain cow-ish part that we took on the shooting.


then the feeling continued as me and the hobbitses followed mr norman to his room to talk about our song. and then...
i don't know what exactly to say but i guess.... a virgo and a libra does not mix too well.. :-S
saw the white board and it was crowded!! :)) my doodle was still there.. and then i saw kak yan's close nearby! :D and then since i was there, i decided to re-doodle my doodle. :D :D

and then somehow we got to malee, listening to mr norman's life while he was in america.. which mostly was fascinating!! that old fella has got some neat things to say, ya?
a quote from mr norman;
never fall in love with your own song

he quoted that from his music teacher, and i think it's true! 'coz when you fall in love, you tend to get blind from anything else in the world. and if someone talked about our loved one, we tend to not listen to them at all..



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