Tuesday, March 09, 2004


hahhahhahahahhahahahahha ahha hahahahhaha hahahahah ahahhahahahahha ahhahahahahhaha aha ahhahahahahahahha ah hahahahahahahahahah ahahahha ahahahahahhahaha ahahahhahahaha a a hahahahahhahahaha ahahaha ah hahahahahahahahahahhahahah ahahahhaha ahahahhahahahaha ahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!


went out with prisca to get our slides developed. bakway is no longer bakway.. did anyone knew that?? it is now a snooker place. klakar la juga. tengok tengok pintu ade lucky-eight ball pula. kedai gamba ape nihhh??? :)) so we went to the photo shop some doors away. have to wait til tomorrow for the film to be developed. :( time-waster! but since we also have some normal films, we got those developed within an hour.
dapat lah juga menghayati gambar yang ade. can't wait til tomorrow though!! i prefer the photos i took with those slides. oh, bumped into lily and rosie on our way back as they send in their slides.:D

still feeling a bit dizzy.
and i feel like laughing a lil bit more.

who says i'm a good friend? i am not.
don't bother messaging my yahoo. it's not even online.


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