Tuesday, March 30, 2004

sleep sleeeeep

ohh.. i like this song!
Taman Langit by Peter Pan

bila kini ku berada
dalam taman mimpi,
dalam taman langitku
kini cobalah berpaling
langit takkan merasa

semua takkan berubah
semua takkan berubah
ini taman mimpiku
ini taman langitku

coba cobalah berpaling
ini taman mimpi, ini taman langitku
tak perlu kau bayangkan
tak perlu kau renungkan

[8:11 pm]

still sleepy!!
i haven't got enough sleep that i need, but heck! gonna blog some things out.

umm.... what was i'm gonna blog about?

o yeah, i am loving the people in my batch! hahahahhahaha!!
someone (probably amri) started a petition and they all (some beta fcm peeps) came to hb3 and gather 'round to sign in. heehee~ and then me and lily went to the office (just in case.. we still re-registered) and when i walked back to my room, i bumped into some guys and they called out,
"waniee, you signed yet?"

ekkekeke.. then while i was in minimart..
"you signed the petition already?"
"good for you!"

hahhahhaha!! for the first time in my entire schooling life in this place..
there's actually an fcm-spirit here!!!!
hahhahahhahahahha!! :))

okay, i need to sleep like.. RIGHT NOW!


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