Monday, March 01, 2004


as promised..
these were taken yesterday.. :D
powerpuff againn!
hehhe.. this time, even the professor gets onto the set!! :D

this was taken at our second location.. :D loving this pic 'coz it looks sooo cool!! (at least i think so!) heehee~

at our final location for the day.. our multi-talented producer and multi-talented lights person doing their entertaining act for the camera!

heehee! that's it! tomorrow should be our final shooting!! *fingers crossed*

okay.. i thank God for putting me into my mama and papa's arms about 19 years ago. can't imagine if i belonged to any other family. :)
dida calls me "ratu air mata".. hahhaha!! bongok btol.
my itch was scratched last night.. heehee~! mama called last night and somehow i broke down.. and nina told me that everyone panicked and they came down straight to pick me up. :x huhuu~ i know i'm spoilt. :p
kinda cried three times just last night.. lame, yess. but at least i get what i want!!! hahhaha!!!
thanks papa.. thank you mama.. thank you nina.. thank you dida.. thanks kat izzati jugek sebab dia kiut!! heehee~!

so i'm finally felling normal.. still tired.. wish i could go to sleep (but i have LOAAADS of things to do!!) but i don't think i'll cry again tonight. heehee!

hugsess to my family and those hobbitsess!!!


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