Thursday, March 18, 2004

stinky cow

that was what i was some minutes ago...
sweat and my felix t-shirt doesn't get along too well.. ahhahahahha!!
but not anymore!! :D
now where did i put my bra.. ahh! malas!! :))

so tired..
kak mai: eh, ingat wanie tido.
me: memang nak tido, tapi badan lenguh sangat takleh nak tido.. *frowns*
kak mai: ok, meh kak mai ketuk ngan kayu biar pengsan.
me: waaahhh, membantunyeeee!!!
kak siti: kejam..

thought of getting a nap.. but i am too hungry and every inch of my body hurts. don't know why, but it felt as if i spent the day doing sports. hahhahaha!!

spent the morning in sunway to get the posters printed. had brunch :D and then went back to cyber. around 2 me and the hobbitses went to the studio for the submission... yeah.. 2 o'clock.. but what time did we get to see chematto??
8:30 pm!!!!!
and waited for hours for what?? to get rejected by chematto!! hahhahahahhahaha!! but it wasn't too bad since he was in a light mood with us. insisted that me and prisca looked like sisters.. (which puan sri also approved) and then remembering that drogo's mom said the same thing.. hahhahahahha!! tak mahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! :p
we did have some fun while waiting though.. me and the girls made some confetti and released it through the window.. there was also some paper planes.. and since i didn't know how to fold one, i set sail a paper ship.. hahhaha!! :p it was fun, watching the papers fly away.. yeah, it was rubbish to the environment.. but heck! these so called 'creative' people just wanted to fill their time. :))
and then we also played around with the chair. they really should't put wheels on those chairs. hahhahahha!! :))

scroll down in this page to the end..
and heyyy!! i actually know the cameraman seihhh!! hahhahahahahha!! :)) :p

maybe.. will be updated later.. if i can stand all these pain.. and tireness..!!


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