Friday, March 19, 2004


..i'm tangled in my blanket of clouds
dreaming aloud..


my daily dosage
i have like a thousand things to tell about this "dosage" but i'd sound super lame if i do tell. :p
my friends are going to be so bored if i start.. :))
i have a million thoughts of "dosage" and i wonder if it'll ever materialize. :D

my right arm is about to fall off. it hurts so soooo bad!! :((
going back home tomorrow with lily. :) anticipating survivor with dida 'coz discussion with her about the show will never end! ekekekke!! :D :D looking forward to the short 'getaway' at home. gotta be back here early so i can start a lil' something of maya. :|

a quiet night..
since i'm not talking to anyone right now.. if i go missing tomorrow, just be informed that i am not around, ya! :D (this is actually like a message to some people! heehee)
just got back from a short trip to putrajaya as lily wants to get some food in her tummy. :) thank you kak mai for getting me a burger earlier.. :D so i did eat, okay! :p

ever felt like talking about nothing in particular to a certain someone? only to find how silly it feels for feeling that way since it has no real point? i feel like sharing.. something.. anything.. hahhahahaha!! i am entwined, still


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