Friday, April 09, 2004

blood seems to rush away.

tengah bad mood.
worried.. worried.. and there's a pain in my chest.
(no, rosie.. my breasts aren't getting any bigger and lily, don't go cheekily rubbing 'em like you're trying to calm my chest! hahhahahaha!! kamu sumer gilok!)

worry #1.. unexplainable. i'm.. i'm... hoping on something before it's too late.. i.. i am.. really hoping that at least.. before everyone goes back to their home.. two seconds.. i.. i... don't know. haihhhh~!!

worry #2.. our majoring will be according to our CGPAs. yeahh.. FANTASTIC! (not!!) i am all stiff from all this. somehow i forget to get all excited about anything. 'coz i am thinking about my two siblings..
nina took IT, while dida took engineering. and both of them are not working according to the course they took. they're doing absolutely fine! but of course, nina purposedly asked for an admin job 'coz she said IT was boring! hehhehe.. while dida, she's ready to do anything as long as she gets paid, and now she's doing a logistic job! hahhahahaha!! so now i am feeling lucky to have two sisters above me. :) as long as i don't get stupid VR or FA (pardon me for calling it stupid.. i absolutely dispise the two) i will be up for it! but of course, i'd prefer MI more than anything! :D 'coz now that i think of it.. "so what if i am forced to take ID! i am capable of doing MI and DM works.. and in this sort of industry.. my portfolio will be the one that matters most! i could just throw in some advertising stuff and walaaah~ i am MULTI-TALENTED!" woohooo~!
i am also talented in recognizing a chinese, japanese and korean from one another! ohh i make myself proud!! :))
take the test over here! hehhe.. i got 11 out of 18!! oooh~
can't believe that i got all eyes-open in one night. :))

chest pain.. please don't throw me into cold places this time around.. :-S hurts like.. errr.. (never been to hell) it just hurts very much!! :( i reaaaaaaaally don't think it'd be good for me to go to cold places, as much as i wanted to. stop laa cough.. enough enouughhh!!! X(

thoughts thoughts..
wondering off again..

spent 45 minutes on my objective this morning 'coz i can't focus. grrr! and another 15 minutes crapping for the essay. :)) it was honestly the worst, most brutal paper i've ever done. but i am not regretting, somehow. haaaaiihhh~ i think what's simply stupid about me is that i just have to be the extreme. (takde wasati'ah) it's whether i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike it so much, or i HATE it absolutely. about things lahh :D

sleepy. really in need of sleep. ohh! i thank kak siti for waking me up this morning.. or i would've probably be absent for the test!! :)) tengkiuuuuuuuu!!
gonna try to get some sleep.. but i am probably too worried to even rest.

there's everybody else.. and then there is you....


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