Wednesday, April 28, 2004

i don't have a very good sense of balance and my dad looks at legs.

have i got your attention yet? :D

at my mom's office right now. since her boss is not around, i am all over her desk 'coz she's someplace tidying up the office.
read: weeeeeeeee~!!!!!!
while i was walking towards pwtc though, i almost walk into a dustbin due to difficulties of turning. ekekekeke! i don't knooowww.. stupid balancing.

and before my dad sent me off to the commuter station, i asked him about his past relationships and what attracts him first about a girl. (spent the whole car journey smiling and giggling) i mean, have you imagined when your parents were young?? looking around.. flirting around.. ekekeke!! it makes me laugh..
anyways! then my dad mentioned about he likes to look at legs, and if it's "pretty" enough.. he'll look up!!!!
papa bengong.
that was like.... ewwwwww?!!
what's so great about legs anyways?? i mean, i can understand hair.. and eyes.. and simply the face.. but LEGS??
how about it, boys? what's pretty about legs? is it about how long it is? or how fair?? the shape?? what??? i am absolutely CURIOUS!
and what's more curious is that my mom is only 5 feet! ahahhahaha!! i am laughing 'coz that should rule out the 'long' theory, but then again, papa did say that the day he met mama, she was wearing a 2-inched platform! ahhahahahha!!

okay okay
the holiday has been.. quite uninteresting but i don't seem to be bored by it. after all, i WAS looking forward to it. time away from any stress.. yaaah~ me love!
but i've been left at home with loads of people to miss.. yaaah~ me don't like.
but it's okay.. 'coz i still check on them once in a while. me like that one! :D :D :x
somehow i have a sing-song in my head;
miss ya miss ya
just can't wait to kiss ya~
(repeat once, yah!)
cepatlah hari hari ni berlalu!! missing hobbitses! missing a person!
doesn't matter if they doesn't feel the same way.. 8-}

eyh, tv hasn't been that boring ek?
i mean.. the nights lah, the nights. around the afternoon i am glued to my pc anyways, how should i know. :D
and i just like to state here that.. the melena gurl from average joe is soo.. hyuckk!! she's sooo.. typical! going for looks rather than charm. what's that all about? bimbo! harap muka je lawa! bluerghhh!! me hate people like that!
X( but partly i don't blame her terribly. 'coz you can see that SHE really likes jason and.. well, i think girls can be VERY STUPID when they like someone. they seem to be VERY BLIND about the others who are actually treating her better. i don't know lah.. obviously that's only my opinion.. :D but melena IS stupid!!

been trying to check my results but the page just won't seem to come out!! sheesh~! malaas nak layan! ahahhahaha!! klaka laa.. it's like i'm meant not to know what i get.. (which is half scary!)
ohh, and i'm still in ID after the pointers-checking. (tengkiu ablen!) and BELIEVE IT OR NOT, i think i am staying!!! ho hohh ho! i'm scared, yess.. God knows how much. i mean, i've been into the advertising stuff but now.. i am considering the LAST majoring that i had in mind. wondering.. if i can manage. can i? can i? maybe..
dar cakap ID buat dashboard kereta, which made me laugh.. and realize the second after that he was actually serious. :-S to be quite honest, that was one of the points that really made me scared.. (thoughts: kepalahotakk nak wanie buat dashbod keta?? pinggan!) but i focused and focused (konon nyer) and thought of wondermilk, folio and home interior project (?) in OU. ID kan tuh? the stuff they have there was cool, i hope i get to do cool stuff! :D
and i usually get trouble when i started hoping.
(and i never learn.. typical!) :)) after all, everyone in the family says that i'm stubborn. hoyehh!! i know i shouldn't exactly be bragging about it, but somehow i am proud to be "stubborn". hahhahahhaha!!

is the blog long enough?
not quite!

i guess it'll probably about 5 to 6 days before i am moving into cyberia.
can't wait to make some noise with the girls!!
but also scared.. yikes!! harapnye takde pape yang tak diingini lah ye!
after all.. i AM bound to hurt people un-noticingly. haiyohh!
and thank God i have people who kept putting up with me.
my favorite favorite people!!

ohh, during the break, i managed to listen to the "songs i've had so long but never heard before"! hehhehe!! and in my opinion, sister hazel is boring but you HAVE to love the lyrics to their songs!
Killing Me Too

Lend me your ear and I'll tell you about the things I fear
Open your heart and I'll tell you why I'm torn apart maybe
Lend me your car and we'll go chase down a falling star
Give me your hand cause it takes that fire to understand

When was the last time you felt high
Oh you were the best I've ever felt
I don't need you fix me
I just want you to listen

It's killing me too
It's so wrong not to be with you
It's getting harder to stay awake
It's killing me too
It stops my heart just to be with you
So listen cause you are the only one who cares to hear

Lend me your time and we'll go somewhere and kill some wine baby
Show me your soul and I'll shine my light where it seems so cold now
Give me your lips and I'll tell you about all the things I miss the most
Open your mind and I'll crawl right up and sleep inside of it

When was the last time you felt high
Oh you were the best I've ever felt
I don't need you fix me
I just want you to listen

It's killing me too
It's so wrong not to be with you
It's getting harder to stay awake
It's killing me too
It stops my heart just to be with you
So listen cause you are the only one who cares to hear

To hear me

lallalalalala lalalalall alalalal alaa alalalala allaal ala alalalal ala alaalalalalalal alalalalalalla alalalalla alallalala ala alala lalalalala laa lala alla alal ala alalal ala lalala!
note: this is what i will be writing when i am getting all that mushy/ pathetic/ helpless/ hopeless/ icky/ yucky and all that sort from now on. (maybe! ahhahahah!!)

long enough i suppose!
it'll do 'til the school re-opens..
rase gatal nak call orang tapi tak gatal enough. ahhahahaha!!
(knowing me.. you'd know i am actually gatal enough! ahahhahaha!!)
tengkiu mama for reloading my credit!! i've misused it though, since you thought i'd use it to send SMS (so the credit will stay longer) AHHAHAHHAHAHA!!
ps: mama has been pretty amusing through out the school break, i wonder how! but i like!!

update: checked my results at nina's office desk! (what a wonderful thing.. having 2 family members in the same building. ekekkeke!) it wasn't pretty. :-S [1:28 pm]

another ps: bila ptptn nak masok nieeeeeeee???!!!

star star star


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