Monday, April 05, 2004

i think of a 100 things you could do..

and you did just one..

and that is enough.. :D



benci tau camnieee.. when my ego goes off at the wrong time.. bluerthhh!
sendiri yang rugi..
rugi ke?

what i really wanted to say was..
happy belated birthday to you..
the moment has passed so i have nothing for you.. actually i still do.. but. hummph!
tanak kasi :P

i lied.
i always find one reason to stick around. :P

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee geraaaaaaaaaammmmm!!
macam.. macam.. nak cekik orang
geram geram geraaaaaaaaaaaaaamm!!

tapi sukaaa
*sengih gatal disini*

still geram.

b-( *gedebikk* wanie yang mengadee

ps= you see where this is heading? NOWHERE!! i am starting to run in circles again lah (i assume) and i just can't stop.. haiyyo! (at least not yet!) can't stop from inflicting hurt to myself again lah, me.. *gedebikk* lagi skali.

weekend was fine, by the way. :D


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