Monday, May 10, 2004

cranky and unhappy

what is there to say about today?

well, i went to sleep around 5 in the morning with practically nothing to do.
just didn't feel like sleeping before that time.
woke up around 9 for internet application at 11. for the time being, i am liking the class. hahhahaa!! rase cam pandai sikit while most classes just makes me feel stupid. ahhahahha!! the tutor were teaching basic htmls and told us to get some books. i probably better get the book for dreamweaver. stupid at that one.

after class me and the girls headed to tesco to get some home stuff; broom, floor soap, scouring pad, air freshener, yadaaa~ those things. lily, prisca and myself also got some make-up stuff. heehee! i am officially stating here that i have a complete set of things! it should keep me preoccupied before i get bored of the colors. hehhehe!

my comment of make-up for the time being would be: FUN!!
hahhaha!! can't help myself from laughing laa at the end of my 5-15 minutes. ekkekeke!

anyways! moving on..
after coming back.. all i did was sitting in front of the computer.
so in a while, i'd go and get myself a good shower and sleep! yaaah~

my myyy..
why is it soooo freakin' hot these days??!
sungguh tak tahaaaaaannn!!!

panas dan bosan, lalalalaaa
i can't take the distance


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