Friday, May 14, 2004

hahhahaha!! HONESTLY ?

Who's Your Anime Boyfriend?

isn't this guy like.. the sailormoon hero?? is that to say that i am... usagi the freakin' SAILORMOON???!!!
summer: eeuuww!!
tapi takpelaa kan, i wouldn't complain if i were to get a handsome prince for a boyfriend!! hahhahhaa!
(actually i tried doing the quiz for the second time and i still get mamoru!)

tatau nak tulis ape dah. will update more later after class probably. :D
11:43 am]

it IS possible after all.. :))
ID is officially my thing! :)) it's funny how i can't imagine myself being in mr. K or chematto's class at all. heehee! things are just funny..

and i realize today that talking to more people can actually make me happy! hahahhaha!!
peliknyee lah today.

class ended 20 minutes after 6, and i didn't mind all that much. the weird fact was, nobody were!!
amazing yah?
today we did 3D modelling and though it really wasn't favorable to me and the computer went stupid/crazy when i almost had it finished, i think it was pretty okay lah!
my assignments dah bertambah lagi.. but i don't mind that much!

aaaaaaaahhh~ loving school for the subjects!! weird, huh?
dahh! me tired from class and walk.
have a good weekend peeps~!!

Switchfoot - Meant To Live


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