Sunday, May 23, 2004

i guess i am still trying.

trying to understand..
trying to compromise..
trying to shed a little of my 'individualistic'..!

this was my weekend:
1. getting hit on the hip by the car door. (which hurts horribly, you should try it yourself!!!)
2. baby-sit izzati for about an hour by myself (which was utterly entertaining!!) i think i qualify myself as a great aunt!! hahhaha! minus changing diapers lahh.. haven't tried that in real life. hehheh!
3. owe dida my life.
4. founding out for the hundredth time that montoya is an arse! he is.. REALLY! so is sato, by the way. (they're F1 drivers, if you're not familiar with the names) montoya cam bangla! hahahahahah!! (he's actullay columbian, but i hate his accent..?)
5. getting panic when i lost something someone gave me.
6. found out that i have more than 5 out of 23 symtomps of stress, thank you very much!
7. going up and down cyberia three times and yet, i didn't bump into 'cowok indon yang kacak' even once!! (what a bummer!)
8. realizing that i still have FOUR assignments to be done through the week!!!



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