Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Influence of Birth Order

Wanie, your position as youngest child shows most strongly in your creativity.

Similar to other youngest children, you likely have an astonishing ability to generate original ideas. From an early age, your natural tendency was probably to stand out from your older siblings through your unique contributions. By comparing yourself to your older siblings, your creativity naturally evolved through your desire to be imaginative in choosing your goals and your approach to achieving them. Like other youngest children, you tend to be especially innovative when feeling optimistic or when undertaking tasks that bring you joy and satisfaction.

Birth order influences your relationship with your parents, siblings (if you have them) and how you ultimately learn to interact with the world. It can provide an insightful way to better understand your approach to friendships, romance, and how you meet life's challenges.

tadi teman si bahijah pegi jumpa ilsa. time lunch, i watched the tv, tengok video clip william hung!! merepekk btol.
and then i was reminded about a gedik-rocker video i saw some weeks ago. asha penah mention to me aritu, and then semalam terdengar lagu tu kat radio so i downloaded the song!! ekkeke!! just so i can imagine the video again. hahhahaha!
rockers gedikk
Love Is Only A Feeling by The Darkness

The first flush of youth was upon you when our eyes first met
And i knew that to you and into your life i had to get
i felt light-headed at the touch of this strangers hand
an assault my defences systematically failed to withstand

cos you came at a time
when the pursuit of one true love in which to fall
was the be all and end all

love is only a feeling
(drifting away)
when im in your arms i start believing
(its here to stay)
but love is only a feeling

the state of elation that this union of hearts achieved
i had seen, i had touched, i had tasted and i truly believed
that the light of my life
would tear a hole through each cloud that scudded by
just to beam on you and i

Love is only a feeling
(drifting away)
when i'm in your arms i start believing
(its here to stay)
but love is only a feeling

if you've seen the video, you'd probably think the lead singer is gedik as well, lah~ heehee!
(i am liking the song, and i think the video was amusing.. ekkekeke!)
sekarang ni macam tengah suka banyak lagu sebenanye, sampai tak tahu nak post lagu mana dulu.. heehee!

kul 4 ade kelas human factors & interaction.. nak pegi ke aaa?
panas nyee kat luar. ngantuk sungguh perasaannye.. uhuu~

update!! : [8:51 pm] class was AWESOME!! i thank fate for the fact that i am not as lazy as i thought! AHHAHAHA!! tomolo got 3dmax though.. yikes~!! but anyways.. if ID is as this.. i have no regrets at all!!! hoyehh!!


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