Sunday, May 16, 2004

it'll stay hot 'til september

that's what i heard! feels like fainting already. haiyohh!

had a stupid saturday. mengecewakan for all sorts of reason.
but it got better today 'coz nina, jasmin and IZZATI came for a visit. well, they had a wedding to attend so, visit juga lah kan? hehhe! that little girl kaan.. haihh! sangat geraaaaaammm!!!
sukaa.. sangat sukaa.. suka suka sukaaaaa!! :x :x

so hot aa these dayss?? adoooi lah!

okay, i have plenty of things to do..
[5:37 pm]

just got back from dinner.
and just to let you guys know that i've finished all my assignments!!!
just have to go to printgate and print some things out before friday! :D


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