Monday, May 17, 2004

it's amazing..

how you can feel so much things in one particular moment.

and what i can really say about it is just

class was okay earlier today. but i think i played too much with the net send thingy that i couldn't really get what the lecturer wanted us to do. heehee. and jai gave me some silly silly teka teki yang jawapannye same merepek!
still haven't printed out the essay i should be sending tomorrow.
ohh! ID class tomorrow morning will be post-poned to wednesday. read: bangun lambaaaaaat!! hoyehh!!
MPD class grouping dah selesai.. thanks to the ones who helped out. :D

having headache from all the nervous rush.
i don't like the way things are.
that's just it.

liking dishwalla for the moment!
Home by Dishwalla

I'm so sick and tired
of all these things
that drag me down

I've got no where to go
they say that life
is in these hands
you give everything
you give yourself away you give
and still you choke

and find yourself running for the door

come and take me
lead me to your door
take me where you are
lead me to your door
at least just for a while

its some kind of life
forever days
we're in the cold
unfamiliar way

so take this fear
and fade it out
it won't make me sad
cause I get sentimental lord
in other ways
and I don't want to let me down here anymore

so come and take me home
lead me to your door
take me where you are
lead me to your door
and let me in
just let me in
and let me leave
just let me leave this world
come on now let me leave this world
at least just for a while

9:23 pm = wanie dah ngantuk lepas makan spaghetti masak ngan bahijah. ohh! did this quiz! :D :D
crystal heart
Heart of Crystal

What is Your Heart REALLY Made of?
brought to you by Quizilla
interrestiinngg.. ekkekeke!

..and it's also amazing that it rained today.


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