Thursday, May 20, 2004

it's true..

getting what you want is easy.. knowing what you want isn't

simply torn.

humm.. just let that be.
actually i wanted to type all the things that's been bothering my mind but i'd really hate giving out my thoughts at this moment, y'know! it's like.. figure it out sendiri lahh!!!
i've been telling how i feel, and some have already gotten me understood but i'm still left here hanging to ponder about things myself and that is so UNFAIR!!

it just stinks!

you have a huge book of secrets that i can't read while mine is wide open for you to look at anytime.

and what stinks even worse is the fact that i suddenly thought of this after about 3 weeks of pure silence!
i think you got me wondering even more when you're not around lahhh.
you're like.. soooo you!

by the way, i have 4 assignments to be done by next week, thank you!


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