Tuesday, May 18, 2004

lapar nye lapar nyeeee............

rase macam... entah la!
but i know what is better than feeling this way.

lapar nye lapar nyeeee!!
but i can't afford to spend even a cent!
it's tuesday.. and i only have rm10. and i still have to print 2 pages of A3 before friday.
faham tak perasaan nye?
macam.. tetiba sekarang.. money is like.. sooooo hard to get!!
bencinye asyik fikir pasal duit!
bencinye bencinye!!!!!

ptptipu + mmu = bongok!!

i am so poor.
feels like i should sell something but i don't really own anything worth selling.
(singasong: jual bodi jual bodiii~ AHHAHAHAHAH!!)
i hate being poor!!
i'm a sagittarian, for God's sake.. how do i know to SAVE UP??!!!
ini pon dah pemalas makan..

sedihnye sedihnyeee..
i've come to the point where i'm even segan to ask money from my parents.
sedihnye sedihnyeee..

kamon kamon sape nak blanje wanie makan??

nak duit nak duiiiit!!


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