Tuesday, May 18, 2004


wanie gila.
need i say more?

cepatlah pagi.. when i'll get busy and forget the things i want to forget.
i want to get busy.
i need to forget.


[1:09 am]

had a bad dream this morning. well, i guess it depends how you interpret (spelling??) "bad".
as for my case.. the moment i saw 'a certain something' in my dream, i woke up! and the time was 6 something..
i guess it was pretty lame.. in my dream, i got an sms from a certain someone who told me something that just made my heart dropped. *sigh* dahlaa message tu incomplete!! grrr. i wish i didn't care as much.. hummph.
a dream is just a dream, 'aight?

promise, okay?
promise me....

and heyy, this is my week's horoscope! ~HAHHAHHAHAA!!
Sagittarius Horoscope
For The Week Starting May 17, 2004
You seem to be in a holding pattern as far as your emotions go. You are waiting to see what the other person will do or feel. This seems to last until August before a decision is reached so you will have to be patient and make the most of this summer. The only thing you must be aware of is going overboard on anything you do or say. Take a nice middle of the road.

okaylaa.. not really MINE.. it's all Sagittarian's horoscope lah!
(lamanye tunggu auguuussssttt!!! ekkekekkeke!)


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