Thursday, May 06, 2004

stupidity shows.

if i were to ask why?
would you tell me the cause?

i am honestly dumbfounded.

i've got too many questions with no one to answer it.
i'm getting scared of every single thing even more than i used to.
i'm having weird thoughts these days.
sakit nye kepala having these things running around my mind.
real headache.

i can never cope with distance.
i never knew how.
it really is.

me and rosie walked to class.. which wasn't on! (laugh here)
then we hung about hb3 and see the new alpha groupies - which was merely amusing!
dah dua hari berturut dah ni kena kaco ngan diorang nih! ekekkeke! and rosie was annoyingly perasan today! ahahhaha!
then we waited for lily to finish her majoring test. managed to talk some bits with kak alin in the mean time.

i'm still up for nothing.
nothing is worse than nothingness,
but that's what i keep getting.

will be taking my supplementary test in the afternoon. should glue myself to the computer so i can answer the questions. i really should take these sort of things seriously.

right now,
i'll be in my room resting.
tired of having nothing all the time.

i had a bad day again.
i know you wouldn't understand.


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