Friday, May 28, 2004


just friends, good friends, best friends, special friends

i don't know why i listed that out.. just felt like thinking about friends, i suppose.
hmm.. maybe i shouldn't elaborate more on that. at least not here, yah?

i guess, at the end of the day.. i get a lil calmer since it is after all.. WEEKEND!! i have at least one day of rest before getting hit by another panic-attack. another week ends, and what's in for me next week is another 4 submissions! *pats my own back* congratulations, i knoww..
today's thanks goes to idamunirah for yapping along today's class, and mr fariz farizu for checking on my work! hahhaha!! rase disayangiiii~ *bats eyes* hahhahaha!! (mr fariz farizu is actually one of my ID lecturers!) ironic? ekkekeke
kak ida got stuck in the lift of fcm building.. ironically, the same day kak huda got stuck in our block's elevator! (just tonight, actually!) boys and girls, you know what today's word is?

hahhaha! i am lack of sleep and somehow i feel drunk!
oh, did this
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