Monday, June 14, 2004

4 hours.. less?

i guess it didn't took me too long to publish my website assignment.
it's SUPER DUPER CRAPPY! but you can see it here anyways! hehhe! i am truly NOT proud of this, okay!
(oh, the requirement for this assignment was to IMAGINE that we've finished studies and to promote ourselves for job)
i think the layout's cute, though. HAHHAHAHA!! at least it's not crowded and looks a tiny bit like a work of a multimedia student lah, no? okaylah.. NO.

anyways, why is it MOST boys are acting like such a.. BOY??? huhuuu~ okay, i know i am missing out much without TV over here.. but alaaaaaaaaa!! jangan laa jumping around and cheering about the EURO when i don't even know who's playing wehh!! sedihnyeeeee!! didaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! nak tengok bolaaaaaaaaa!!!! (i miss staying up in the night watching TV with dida for either football or F1!) :(
takpe! next week school break!! hoyeh hoyehhhhh!!!! rest rest RESTTT!!

rosie: wahh rajennye wanie pegi tengok
me: *clicks through this site*
me: curiosss!
me: patutlah tetiba senyap.. half time! woo~hoo England!
to be honest, i'm not really a football enthusiast. just thought i should keep myself updated.. in case dida would give a pop quiz of some sort! heehee :D

okay. guess i should start on my report? i doubt i can get it done, anyways.. with my thoughts on school break.. ooOooh it'd be SO good!! CAN'T WAIT!!! but of course, i will have to go through some mid term quizzes and all these submissions first lah! :-S

felt like posting a song of somewhat but i can't think of any 'coz i don't feel so sentimental lah. hehhe!
tengah tak fikir much of anyone.. kot?


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