Friday, June 11, 2004

anatawa doko ni iru no daro ka?

kotchi o muitte, please!
anatawa itsumo kokoro ni iru yo.
watashiwa anatao hontoni daisuki.
hontoni hontoni..
itsumo itsumo...
ma, kokoni itte zutto ne!
:D :D :D

tetiba teringat sama itu.. fragnant darjeeling? heehee!

since my friends have been putting up their shopping list, i decided to put up my wish list! :D wish list saja, sebab i am forbidded to shop as much as i wish :P karang kene marah. hehee! (even though the thought of it kinda excites me! hahhahaa!!)

1. :D (money can't buy the best thing in life though. errk! best thing ke? yak~ ekkeke!)
2. portable hd (might be getting it, though)
3. tablet
4. guitar (yah, i don't NEED this, saje gatal list down)
5. flat screen monitor (woooh!!)
6. watch (again, i don't really need this.. saje je!)
7. headphone (saje dengki taknak kasi orang lain denga lagu. hahahha!!)
8. new purse/wallet (nak naaaakkk! nak jugaaakkk!!)
9. baju.. baju yang sangat banyak.. baju yang sangat banyak sampai almari nak terburai!! AHHAHAHAHAH!! (gelak gila)
10. starbucks rhumba or coffee bean's caramel. :D (i love coffee!! i love coffee!!!!)
11. contact lense (ni macam langsung tak perlu laa.. tapi saje suka, kalo ade extra money, nak ade!)
12. kipas! (cemane leh lupa nie?)
13. driving license (yess, you read it right. but as you see, it's at the bottom of my list :P)

dahh! 13 things on my wish list. there used to be over 20 things, but i guess it's too lame to even list down publicly. heehee!
okay.. better get back to my drawings for tomorrow's consultation. i assume harris and yoges are doing their part of job? hahhaha! kalau tak, nanti wanie ketuk diorang!
ohh! there'll be a quiz on internet application in the morning! i doubt i'm able to study on any of it. so, wish me luck? :)

ps: i can hold my hair up with that chopstick thingy!! hoyehhh!! :)) sukaaa!


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