Sunday, June 13, 2004

how can i almost forget??

you know what day is today??
you see, exactly two years ago.. this blog was created!!! hahhaha!! so,
yesterday i read some of my old posts and it made me realize.. how much i HAVE NOT grown through the years! ekekke!! i seem to be as mental then as i am now! :)) but honestly, reading through those old posts reminds me loads of things. good and bad. some that i wish to forget, some that i've forgotten but glad to be reminded of. it's amazing how much i've babbled through the years. do you know that i've almost posted 900 entries through these years?? i knooowww!! that is LOAADSS!! but of course, dar and rosie did post some things in here.. once or twice. :D heehee. :D

currently doing my website assignment. prisca's background was neat, i tell you! so i decided to change mine. huhuu~ as you've already seen, the first layout i did was not at all like a multimedia student at all, huh? but my current layout seemed kinda.. crowded lah! haihh~ biarlah! malas sungguh rasenye nak layan.
ooh i hate having to do something when i am just not focused to do so.

okaylahh! ini dulu. so, again..
tengkiu for filling up most of my wasted time! heehee!


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