Tuesday, June 01, 2004

it's JUNEE??!

can we rewind time, pleasseee??
somehow i am not ready for june. i don't know!! time just.. flies, doesn't it?

i tend to forget plenty of things lately, so i've been listing out dates i should remember in june! huhuu~ somehow i am not that confident that i'll remember to even look at the list.
tengah rase cam nak mama papa datang sini somehow. my reason was for them to send me my chalk pastel, which they couldn't find, so they told me to buy a new set, which i didn't even check if there's any in stores - so they'd come over whether they like it or not! *hopes* hahahhaha!! i am SO self centered! :))

really sleepy at the moment. woke up at 6 to accompany lily to KLIA to send off ilsa to ireland for a vacation with his family. then she treated me whopper junior! hoyehh~ makan free! :)) i'm getting very.. money-oriented lately.. and it's all mmu's darned fault!! grRrRrRr! X(

MPD class this morning was boring, but i was pre-occupied by my homework anyways. all i know that we've been given our assignment already. may be checking it out on friday. jom meeting!!!! ekkeke! *thoughts wandering*
and in Human Factors, we go into metaphors again and we were told to draw out a metaphor that represents ourselves and i drew a water jug with a single ant in it. (we were required to draw a inanimate object and a natural life-form) hehhe.. you think you could try intrepet that out? :P

sleepy!!! good thing i have no class this afternoon! weeee~! mr john and mr khong are awesome! *bodek bodek*

wondering why he didn't say anything at all to me this morning.. tak sudi agaknye?


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