Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Stressed Out

apparently the happy lingering feeling didn't stay too long.

i guess i just need.. more than what i got last weekend. *sigh*

sleepy. (of course!) and still loads of things to do.

o yeah, today is
56 years old lah my papa. still haven't talked to him this week. haihh~

just checked out the blogger website since a while. (been using w.bloggar to post my blogs for months, now) and discovered that i can easily upload photos with this thing called hello! (read: hoyehh!!)

as you can see the picture above is actually my first assignment for ID. ekkeke. yeah, we created a matchbox with 3ds max. it might seem lame, but it's NOT!! :P

okay.. should get my shower.
hungry laahhh!! but i'm money-less! bencik!

i guess the only thing that annoys me about hello is the fact that the interface is like a chat window (which confuses me!!) and that it's ABSOLUTELY useless for a real post. (better stick to posting pics with short descriptions) ohh, another thing that annoys, that icon after each postt! >>> Posted by Hello


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