Tuesday, June 15, 2004

saa grraomhd yp zudraf. kidy zudraf.

ekkeke! that is not really a secret code. it's just one way to lessen my patheticness at the moment. just look on the keyboard and you'd probably figure out how to read that.
but i'm sure you don't have that much of time to waste (as i do) to just stare at your keyboard, 'aight?

humm.. rase seperti ingin call a friend. tapi takut i tercakap lama plak. erkk!! I?? busukk!
yesterday someone said something super nice to me. that the person has always been nice.. and nice.. and everything but nice to me kinda bugs me now. hahhaha!! that's why i think i should talk to that person. pelik ke? (it always bugs me when people are being way too nice to me. huhuu~)
i think it's amazing how your past runs up to you once in a while. :)
what's amazing is how after all these years.. humm? hehhe!
(tergantung saja disitu)

what matters is that i want to be HERE instead of there. hoshii no wa anata.
(sorry if you think this post is missing some lines, 'coz it is! hahahha! just deleted a paragraph up there)

nina called. made me realize how much i really miss home. :D i miss izzati as well lah! :x i am missing everything that i don't have right at this moment.. but i know as the school break starts, i'll be missing something else. but, alah! sekarang pon bukannye ade dia slalu pong. hummph! :( one week je pon, 'aight? the week will end before you know it. before i know it. :)

i should make myself busy with work.. but somehow i feel like working on july's layout. hahhaha!!
gotta like him. plays rythm for Good Charlotte. reminds me of someone.. a teeny weeny bit.

missing. i don't know why. :)


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