Friday, June 04, 2004


sleepy.. dizzy.. forgetful.. strained shoulder.
annoyed!! (with myself)
somehow i've forgotten all the ways to relax. 'coz if i'm not doing any work, i'll be THINKING about it. grrrr!!

you know the feeling of wanting to talk with someone, but only to a particular someone?
yess... exactly.. what ever!

i'm very dizzy right now, so please just bear with me.

i think the dream i had during school-break is making much sense now, since dar interpret it for me. hehheh! hebat! not that i am just believing what ever he said, coz parts of it were absolutely merepek! but, most parts are being untangled now..
so what am i to do with it?
well... nothing yet! i am still sitting in my room, just happy to see that someone's presence..

wanie takut sangat ke sampai tak mampu nak buat ape ape pasal ni ek?? wanie pon tak pasti lah.. nanti lahh!
what i'm sure of right now is that i am still amazed with you after all these while. just thought you ought to know. ehhe!

nanti ade kelas! nak nap kejap boleh?


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