Sunday, July 18, 2004


what's awesome about cravings is when you get them!!so, thank you mama&papa!! :x :x

okay.. not exactly in a good mood 'coz i was expecting something (or someone) (..wait, i always was!) anyways! here's practically what i've done through the weekend.

- doodling
- watched mean girls for the second time 'coz dida wanted to see it.
- eat eat
- hoping (as always) stupidly (as always!)
- "Vote Zamil" and send to 33308. HAHHAHAHAH!! i can't believe i actually joined the Idol craze! :)) i voted 3 times, actually, but i'm not telling the other two. "setiap undi adalah rahsia" ekekkeke! :P

okay! bad mood at it's best.


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