Tuesday, July 13, 2004

i can't afford that.

there's a lot of things i can't afford right now.
1. can't afford to buy expensive things.
2. i can't afford to eat expensive food.
3. can't afford to go out for "fun" as much as i'd like.
4. can't afford to lose a friend.
5. i can't afford to lose my head!

i feel sick. dida and papa were scared if i turn out to be crazy one of these days. awesome!!

i am feeling rather relaxed these days. i mean, nothing stressful happening. but my head is getting very dizzy somehow. honestly dizzy! i don't know..
well, i actually do! :) i always know why i feel the way i felt or do the things i did, but they're usually unexplainable. (mostly, too embarassing to explain!) :P

i need to talk.
i need a walk.
but i can't be selfish, can i?

o well.. it has never been my place.

so we went to our internet applications lecture this afternoon and this is what i learnt;

hahhahahahhaa!! awesome, ain't it?
well, it's my doodle of my feelings when my pc went all crappy and now that it's better! :x

fotopage updated!! :)


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